Safety Alert – Wurtec Small Piston Clamp

Message from the IUEC Safety Committee

February 23, 2018

Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of the Safety Directors, please review and pass on to your members the attached information regarding a safety hazard with the Wurtec 11-524 Small Piston Clamp. If members are found to be using the Wurtec Small Piston Clamp, make sure that they remove them from use immediately and that they follow up with their supervisor for repair or replacement of the device.

Based on the testing, Wurtec found that the 11-524, Small Piston Clamp, will operate as it was designed under the specified torque requirements. However, exceeding the manufacturer’s requirements by 20% or more may cause the pin to sheer and the device to fail.

The following is the link for the Wurtec Quality Bulletin concerning the 11-524, Small Piston Clamps:


IUEC Safety Committee

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