IUEC Member Memorial

The elevator industry is the most rewarding industry in which to work. However, with the rewards of working in our industry come the undeniable risks of working in and around unforgiving equipment and challenging environments. Sadly, too many of our brothers and sisters have literally given their life to our trade.

They had families, friends, and union brothers and sisters who loved them with all of their heart. They were fresh young apprentices looking ahead to a bright future in the elevator trade and seasoned mechanics who had so much knowledge to pass on to generations to come. They were Little League coaches and community volunteers, members of parent teacher associations and active in their religious congregations. They were like any single one of us here today, except that when they left for work one day, they never came back home to the people who loved them and the life they loved living.

The IUEC Member Memorial serves to honor and memorialize all of our brothers and sisters who left us far too soon plying the trade they so loved. Two beautiful and powerful solid black marble walls bear the names of the more than 320 members who are no longer here with us. The strength of these walls remind us all of the strength of our IUEC membership, here to support each other and our IUEC families in even, as especially, the most difficult of times. The concrete benches that line the garden memorial, that provide a place for visitors to sit and reflect, feature twists in them that symbolize the manner in which a family’s life is turned upside down with the loss of a loved one. And, of course there are the personalized bricks that flow all throughout the memorial with words of love and encouragement forever etched in them from members, local unions, and friends of the IUEC. As our visitors walk along the path on these bricks may they feel everlasting support to carry them through life. Every feature of our beautiful memorial was built with intention and respect in mind.

Member Memorial Fundraising

Memorial Donor Bricks

All along the Memorial path lay brick pavers that bear sentiments of love and comfort from local unions, members, officers, families and friends.

Purchasing a customized paver is a special way to show love for our fallen members and support for their families and friends. , please follow the link below to the brick donor website.

Member Memorial Brick Donor Website

IUEC Member Memorial Tee

The IUEC is pleased to offer the Member Memorial Tee. All money raised from the sale of these shirts will go toward construction, future improvements and continued maintenance of the IUEC Member Memorial.

To purchase your Memorial Tee, please follow the link below to the IUEC Online Store. IUEC Member Memorial Tee