It was our great honor to host the families of our fallen members for an official dedication ceremony of the Member Memorial on October 12, 2019.

Over 500 IUEC family members, friends, officers and guests, from all over the United States and Canada, were in attendance. Our beloved Local 1 Pipes and Drums Band opened the ceremony by marching through the Memorial while delivering music that touched the soul.

General President Frank Christensen, Assistance General President Jim Bender and General Secretary-Treasurer Larry McGann welcomed those in attendance, and as they delivered their remarks small drops of rain fell from the sky as if they were tears for those we have lost.

After the welcome remarks, the skies cleared and the families took their time walking through the Memorial, some taking pictures for those back home and many taking pencil etchings of their loved one’s plaque.

One could see that the families were in varying stages of grief, some having lost their loved one decades ago and some very new to the grieving process. For some, sadness had been replaced with fond memories while for others the wounds were still very fresh.

However, every one there was proud to attend the dedication in honor of their loved and all were so deeply moved by the beauty and magnitude of the Memorial. They were all so grateful that, through the Memorial, their loved one will never be forgotten.