Safety Alerts by Topic


2023-07-06 Vantage HW-GT Safety Announcement

2022-04-29 Schindler Product Letter 2021-02

2021-12-09 Schindler ContiTec Suspension Media (STM) Failure

2020-12 Electrical Safe Practices – Bonding & Grounding

2020-04 NAA Safety Alert – Improper Wiring of Traditional Access Alert

2020-12-17 Otis Residential Recall

2020-10-23 Otis Pit Stop Switch Field Instructions 16-20-004

2020-9-18 Otis PUI Pit Stop Switch-Access Alert Wiring 16-20-004

2020-09-10 Residential Elevators Inc. Recall

2020-09-02 KONE Drive Modulator unintended motion

2020-7-28 SmartRise response to Alerts

2020-2-13 SmartRise – Factory Parameter Setting

2019-8-6 Endura Auxiliary Pump Use

2019-5-9 Otis Access Alert Top of Car GFCI Outlet

2019-5-3 Cambridge Residential Elevator Recall

2019-4-9 Otis Escalator unintended motion

2018 – 10 Waupaca Elevator Recall Press Release

2018-7 Eaton Safety Bulletin – Eaton 30A and 60A Heavy Duty Safety Switches

2018-5 TKE Endura Wiring Error

2018-5 Otis Oil Leakage Retrofit

2018-5 Otis Escalators-Unexpected Motion

2018-5 GAL Warning – Dangerous replacement parts

2018-4 TKE Unexpected Motion TAC32T

2018-3 KONE TM 110 Escalator

2017-7 HW Relay Failures on Dover DMC Power Unit Relay Boards

2016-5-5 Otis NAA Safety Alert – Foam Belt Protector

2015-7 MCE-IMC SCR-potential loss of motor control

2015-11 Hollister-Whitney Optional Brake Release Notice

2015-10 MCE Un-intended Motion Protection

2015-10 KONE E-Series 5000 Escalator letter to IUEC

2015-10 KONE E Series 5000 Track Sub Assembly Bulletin

2015-10-15 NV & NC Emergency Safety Order – Kone E5000 escalators

2014-9-22 KONE Electrical Shock – Duct

2014-9-10 KONE Car door or Landing door bypass operation

2015-4-13 KONE E-500 Escalator Bulletin

2014 KONE pallets and steps Alert Letter

2014 Montgomery HR-Series 5E  Thru-Axle steps

2014-1 MCE KEB F5 & R6 Drive Fusing

2014 Montgomery W-Series 5W Power Walk Pallets

2014 Montgomery W-Series 7W Auto Walk Pallets

2013 Hollister-Whitney Rope Gripper 

20012 ThyssenKrupp Access Residential Elevator Recall

2009 Dover Hydraulic Shutoff Valves

SEC Miconic-HX Uncontrolled run

1995 OSHA Improper support of an elevator car during installation


2022-02-18 Crosby Shackle Recall

2021-06-16 C/M Latch Lock 6 Ton Hoist Notification

2019-12-2 Crosby Shackle Distributor Notice Final

2018-10 Dayton Shackles Recall

2018-2-14 Wurtec Small Piston Clamps

2017-7-17 MEI – Pully Bully Product Recall

2016-8-22 Quality Bulletin 16-01 T-Rail Lifters

2013 Chinese Polyester Slings


2022-04 Honeywell-Miller Harness Inspection Guidelines

2022-04 Cable Grabs Alert

2021-12-09 3M Power Climb Assist (PCA) System Compatibility

2021-09-02 Guardian SRL Stop Use Notice

2020-6-13 3M Arc Flash Harnesses Stop Use Notice

2020-3-15 3M Fall Protection – compatibility of climb assist systems (CAS)

2019-12-27 Guardian Lifelines Stop Use Notice 2019

2019-8-26 Miller Fall Protection Stop Use Notice

2018-3-5 Recall of Fibre Metal and North Peak Hard Hats

2018-1 MSA Gravity® Welder Harness

 2016-11-23 3M Lad-Saf X2-X3 Inspection Notice

2015-10-28MSA Workman Self Retracting Lanyard 30ft Safety Notice

2014 GFP self retracting lifeline

2014-1-20 Capital Safety Snaphooks

2013 YOKE Hooks Product Notification

2013 Red Wing Shoes steel toe footwear recall

2012 GFP swivel snaphook inspection notice

2003-9-22 DOL Compatibility of fall protection components


2022-08-15 Dewalt Miter Saw Recall 2022-08-04

2022-03-04 Fluke 8xV Series Digital Multi Meter Safety Notice

2021-09-06 NAA Sharp Edge Notice

2021-06-25 KLEIN Tool NCT1 Recall

2019-12-16 Schindler Elimination of Multi-Purpose Tools

2019-9-26 KONE Elimination of multi-tool from job sites

2019-4-19 NAA Elimination of Multi-Purpose Tools