IUEC Safety Committee

General Officers

Frank Christensen – General President

Phone: 410-953-6150 Email: iuechdq@iuec.org

Jim Bender – Assistant General President

Phone: 410-953-6150 Email: iuechdq@iuec.org

Larry McGann – General Secretary-Treasurer

Phone: 410-953-6150 Email: iuechdq@iuec.org


Mike Langer – IUEC Director Of Safety

Phone: 443-474-7839 Email: mlanger@iuec.org

Randy Storr – IUEC Assistant Director Of Safety

Phone: 623-414-3456 Email: rstorr@iuec.org

Eric McClaskey – Director of Codes and Standards

1892 Buttner Rd. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Phone: 925-270-6118 Email: emcclaskey@iuec.org

Ed Christensen

Phone: 312-304-0155 Email: iuecedc@aol.com

Blair MacMillan

Phone: 604-329-4843  Email:bmacmillan@iuec.org

Pat McGarvey

Phone: 415-755-0221 Email: pmcgarvey@iuec.org

Ben McIntyre

Phone: 416-678-5856  Email: bmcintyre@uec.org

Committee Members

James Biagini

Phone: 651-260-0314  Email: jbiagini@iuec.org

Robert “Bob” Capuani

Phone: 630-675-5299 Email: robertcapuani2249@comcast.net

Jim Chapman

Phone: 816-719-0585 Email: jchapman@iuec.org

Graham Fitzsimmons

Phone: 403-554-4832  Email: graham.fitzsimmons@iuec130.com

Denis Kilduff

Phone: 732-558-8811  Email: dkilduff@localoneiuec.com

Brent MacMillan

Phone: 514-893-1536 Email: bmacmillan@iueclocal89.org

Kevin McGettigan

Phone: 617-799-4622  Email: kmcgettigan@iuec.org

Mark Mullins

Phone: 304-964-1292 Email: mmullins@eiwpf.org

Anita Richards

Phone: 410-953-6150 Email: arichards@iuec.org

Scott Russell

Phone: 404-429-6133 Email: srussell@eiwpf.org

Terry Shanklin

Phone:  Email: iuecterry@sbcglobal.net

Wayne Sims

Phone: 515-421-5763  Email: wsims@iuec.org

Allen Spears

Phone: 410-312-1474 Email: aspears@eiwpf.org