2020 OSHA Focus Four

Brothers and Sisters

OSHA is postponing the 2020 Focus 4 campaign as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic event.  Please note that they will resume the campaign as soon as possible.  In the interim, please feel free to use previous editions (2019) of the toolbox talks and visit the Focus 4 website for more info.

Attached is the second series of 2019 Focus Four Toolbox Talks pertaining to struck-by hazards.  In addition, please find the stakeholder campaign letter, sample toolbox trainer tips, and sample toolbox sign-in sheet for your use.  OSHA, our state plans, consultation projects, and the Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council (MACSC) request that you share all campaign materials with your industry stakeholders, partners, and alliance members.  As noted below the Focus Four Hazards account for the vast majority of fatalities and serious injuries in the construction industry.  Help us spread the word and save a life! 

Please note that the Focus Four campaign is a four month endeavor and additional toolbox talks will be sent out to stakeholders pertaining to fall and caught-in/between hazards.  The schedule for the campaign is below and will continue with the information from 2019 until we resume the 2020 campaign.

March – Electrical Hazards

Focus Four Campaign Letter 2020

Focus Four Tips for Trainer 2020

Toolbox Talk sign sheet format 2020

Electrical Toolbox Talks 1

Electrical Toolbox Talks 2

Electrical Toolbox Talks 3

Electrical Toolbox Talks 4

Electrical Toolbox Talks 5

Electrical Toolbox Talks 6

Electrical Toolbox Talks 7

Electrical Toolbox Talks 8

Working Safely with Electricity OSHA

Hazards of overloading cable trays OSHA

Downed Electrical Wires OSHA

Electrical Safety Quick Card

April – Struck-by Hazards

Struck-by Toolbox Talk 1 (working around equipment)

Struck-by Toolbox Talk 2 (incident)

Struck-by Toolbox Talk 3 (workzone driving v1)

Struck-by Toolbox Talk 4 (equip and objects)

Struck-by Toolbox Talk 5 (working around loads)

Struck-by Toolbox Talk 6 (head protection)

Struck-by Toolbox Talk 7 (runovers_backovers)

Struck-by Toolbox Talk 8 (night work)

May – Fall Hazards

June – Caught-in/Between

If you would like more information pertaining to the OSHA Focus Four Campaign please feel free to contact Brother Mark Mullins, Randy Storr, Mike Langer, or go to: WWW.OSHA.gov. Also please keep in mind, The IUEC Safety Stand Down is April 28th 2020. Please take a few minutes out of your day to view the Safety Message from General President Christensen and listen to a Safety Message from The General Officers.

Please watch the 2020 Safety Video currently available on the website. Go to: IUEC Safety Stand Down 2020 video

During this difficult and changing time, please remind all of those working to keep their Safety and the Safety of others first and foremost on their minds. While we are all caught up in the COVID 19 pandemic, it is important to stay focused on the hazards around us and report any unsafe condition to your supervisor and your Local union. Complacency has no place in our Industry, more so now in a time like the present.

Please share this video with your members thru e-mail and text, as part of your virtual Union meetings, Safety meetings, NEIEP and CEIEP Training. Please remind all of your members of the IUEC Safety Stand Down April 28, 2020 and the video via the link above as we remember those lost due to On The Job Fatalities and send a message of strength and support to all during the COVID 19 crisis. Please share this information where you believe the information would be appropriate.


IUEC Safety Committee

It is the mission of the IUEC Safety Committee to improve the Elevator Constructor’s sense of awareness to daily hazards present in the workplace.